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My wife and I recently moved into a beautiful house built by Crescent Custom Homes.  The house is truly our dream home, and we plan to stay for decades to come.  Our experience with these builders has really been a positive one, exceeding our expectations.  From the start, Calvin and Oleg, heads of CCH have been willing to go above and beyond to make sure we are fully satisfied with our home.  This is truly a different league of builders, and these two are classy and professional.  Calvin and Oleg have been responsive to messages and emails with questions and concerns months past the closing date.  They are willing to hold their subcontractors accountable for the work done, and if something is not up to par, they will make sure that it is done right.

We had a concern with getting the HVAC system cleaned in our house and Crescent homes paid to have this done right months after closing.  They really held up their end of the bargain.  There is integrity here which I feel is really rare in this business.  Many contractors will wash their hands of you as soon as the transaction is complete and they have their money, but these guys are very proud of their work and stand by it.  They have stood up to their reputation of building quality, high-end custom homes.  Thank you Crescent Custom homes for helping us make our dream a reality!
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I recently purchased a brand new house from Crescent Custom Houses and wanted to express my gratitude to Calvin Baty for helping me get adjusted to moving in.  I’m a widow, and didn’t know the first thing about home maintenance in terms of plumbing, electrical issues, etc.  My husband always took care of that.  So when issues came up – ranging from simple things like a leaking shower head and turning the pilot light on, to larger problems like installing an air conditioner (I moved my elderly parents in with me, and they were having a hard time dealing with the heat we had this summer), Calvin was there, every step of the way, to deal with the myriad of adjustments that needed to be made.

I feel (as do my parents!)  very comfortable in our new home, and I appreciate all the effort that Calvin put into making us feel this way!

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