Lady trying to stop a leaking sink drain
Young Family happy during new construction

Why Buy New vs. Existing Properties?

A new home is just that, ITS NEW! No old problems, damage or things to be replaced.

A new home is energy efficient – new insulation, windows, design and heating.

Most of all, EVERYTHING in a new home has a Warranty! We provide every new home with a warranty that protects your home by a Nationally recognized insurance provider.

Lastly, when you build new, you have the ability to work with us to get EXACTLY what you want! Avoid the countless house hunting days looking at homes that have 80% of what you love and 20% of what you hate!

Can’t find what you want in available homes?  Have Crescent Custom Homes design and build you a home!  We will work with you to find the perfect lot, arrange your financing and finish you home in less than 6 months.